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Carole Palumbo - Author / Photographer

It is with deep regret that we report the passing of Carole Palumbo, August 12, 2004
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Petro Lake - Alberta, Canada
Maple Leaves
Petro Lake 2
Butterfly on Thistle
Breaking Through
Birch Forest

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Carole Palumbo has had a challenging history in which she had to deal with two incurable illnessses. Dhe was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in March 1971 and was legally blind and partly paralyzed for about 9 months. She was also diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 1979 and at the time of her diagnosis it had already spread to her lymph nodes.

In dealing with the Multiple Sclerosis, Carole explained on the TV show how difficult it was to be unable to read, watch TV, see peopleís faces, or drive, and that Multiple Sclerosis tends to be a chronic degenerative disease that strikes people between 20-40 years old. And she was only 25 at the time. She had to leave her caseworker position and stay at home, and this was isolating and lonely at times.

Carole was afraid that she would become blind again and be extremely handicapped. When the vision and other symptoms left her in November 1971, she decided to do all she could to enjoy her remission and to do the things she always wanted to do. She took up photography and began to capture images of the beauty in nature that was so much more precious to her now that she could enjoy seeing them again (see above). It was as though she was storing up images in her head in case there would be a day when she wouldnít be able to see them again. Eventually she began to enter her photographs in shows, and to sell them.

Following her diagnosis with cancer, Carole began searching for help from God. As a result, she came to faith in Jesus Christ and she developed and intimate relationship with Him. She began keeping spiritual Journals and has accumulated over 50 of them since 1982. Out of these journals she has published a book that includes exceprpts from her writing and many of her photographs. The book is currently available inCD for, and is tled "In the Secret Place - The Journal Project.

On the program, Carole gives examples of how the Lord has repeatedly spoken to her a verse of Scripture from Isaiah 41:10 since 1986 until the present and what an encouragement that has been. Carole then tells of having had 8 surgeries, 2 separate rounds of radiation, 5 hormonal treatments and 7 types of chemotherapy. Since 1999 the cancer appears to have been progressing, and the most recent tests showed it in the bone, the liver, the pleura and the lymph nodes. In October 2003, her doctor told her she had 3 months to live if the chemotherapy didnít work. It hasnít worked and she has not received any treatment since mid-February, yet she is still alive and doing quite well. The Bible says that our times are in Godís hands, and that no one can snatch one of His children out of His hands. Carole says, "I believe that as long as He has a plan for my life I will be here. I am not depressed or frightened about dying. I have the peace that only Christ can give, and I trust Him."

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