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Movie Review -The End of the Spear-
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End of the Spear Special 50th Anniversary- Highly Recommended
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The End of the Spear movie came out on January 20th, marking the 50th anniversary of when 5 missionaries were killed in the rainforest of Ecuador. They were visiting the Waodoni tribe, with the intent of teching the Bible to them. But the Waodoni, the most fierce and violent people in the world at the time, had no contact with the outside world. Based upon their violent practices of murder, they were headed for extinction. Many people remember the killing of the 5 missionaries based upon the Life Magazine article which covered the story and the book by Elisabeth Elliot "Through Gates of Splendor". This is the story about how the wife of one and sister of another missionary go and live with the murders of these men. The end result is that the tribal homicide rate dropped by 90% and many people became Christian and some even Pastors.
This movie tells the story, primarily from the Waodoni's point of view. This is a high quality film with more action and suspense then I expected. It kept me on the edge of my seat. The fighting scenes were very intense that including killing of children, although not graphic. Also there were gripping and touching scenes of that brought tears to my eyes, especially (spoiler coming) when one tribe member who left the Waodoni year's before informs the family she was living with that it was her family had killed their husband and father. The film's audio could have been better and I sometimes had difficulty understanding the narrator.
The movie is not evangelical in nature and does not inform you the lead character accepted Christ. By the same token, it was easy to understand what was talked about when one tribe member says "God (I can't recall the Waodoni name for God) had a son who was speared, and he He left markings behind telling us that we should not kill each other."
This is a movie about courage, zeal to spread the Gospel, and love in the most unexpected circumstances that changed the world. It's great to see Hollywood releasing high quality family friendly films and I recommend you take your family and friends to see this movie

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