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ReachOUT.tv Winner of the 2005 Culture Winner Award:
Jeff won this year's award for his tenacious and non-flinching struggles to win today's culture with the message of Hope through his untiring efforts in the CCC, CAC, and in his personal life. Please Join ReachOUT.tv in congratulating Jeff on his receipt of this year's award!
Jeff Beacham
Jeff Beacham is the founder and director of FIREPOWER MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL (FMI), an evangelistic association founded in Australia at THE HILLSONG CHURCH (a.k.a. Sydney Christian Life Centre) in 1989 and based in America since 1999 (www.firepowerint.com)

As well as conducting an itinerant ministry, Jeff is also the chairman of the Regional Leadership Council for THE CITY COVENANT COALITION, a network of key ministries in NEW YORK CITY, and is also a member of the executive council for FAITH ALLIANCE, a statewide network of ministries in New Jersey.

Jeff Beacham joined ReachOUT to discuss his work with FMI and his work organizing the Defense of Marriage Press conference on the stairs of City Hall in Manhattan NY in July, 2004.

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