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Lady in the Water
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I'm Nicole from ReachOUT.tv. Lady in the Water, a film by M. Night Shyamalan, is not you classic bedtime story. Once again Shyamalan, the creator of The Sixth Sense and Signs, delivers a supernatural thriller with a hint of spirituality. The story of this film began as bedtime story that M. Night told his children, which ended as a full-length film.L ike his other films, Lady in the Water deals with ordinary people that happen upon the extraordinary. Filled with unforgettable characters, plot twists, and the ever-present theme of redemption, Lady in the Water is worth seeing. Unlike Signs, this film does not revolve around the theme of spirituality, M. Night does take time to point out God in a subtle way: such as the scene where the main character turns on the TV and hears the newscaster talk of the army chaplains giving services to the soldiers, or the theme that every human was created for a purpose. All in all this film is worth seeing, but I would be careful about watching it with little ones, as the movie revolves around creatures from the Blue World, both good and evil. Some children might fear the evil creatures. Other than that it is a good, funny, feel happy about life kind of a film.

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