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Book Review-
"The Calling"
by Jacob Israel
The book, "The Calling", by Jacob Israel is a riveting story, within an allegory, within a parable. It is an involved narrative that has the reader looking beyond what the author has written. I found myself driven, page-after-page, to find out who is this Thomas James? Mysterious characters in the book tell us "The truth will rise." And Thomas writes "…What will happen when the truth is poured out on a world that is deceived?' This question is answered in stark reality.

The central character, Thomas James is a young man who suffers from nightmares, is not accepted

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by his peers, and is bullied at school. His perspective, however, changes to understanding the viewpoints of his tormentors rather than his own and his calming demeanor causing confusion and hatred by those who come in contact with him. Things move quickly to a climax that does not disappoint.

Jacob Israel is an excellent storyteller that keeps his audience captivated. I was pleasantly surprised to see, at the end of the book, that he leaves room for more adventures with Thomas. Due to Jacob's talent as a writer, I expect we will be reading more from him and l look forward to that event!
Review by Gary Scarano
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